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Caprock Early Music Association: Donate/Wish List

Support Caprock Early /Music

Your generous contribution to Caprock Early Music Association's performance and educational programs is tax-deductible. Your support will contribute to Lubbock's vibrant arts community, and help CEMA to fulfill its mission of fostering early music performance and education in Lubbock and West Texas. Donations are gratefully accepted at any dollar level, and all of our donors will be recognized on our website and in our concert programs.

How will CEMA use my contribution?

Donations will greatly assist us in maintaining our general operating funds. Here are just some of the things that a gift from you or your organization could help us do:

  • help us pay musicians for performances and educational outreach
  • create educational materials
  • generate promotional materials, including website upkeep and local publicity
  • pay for operating expenses such as harpsichord insurance, web domain registrations, PO Box, etc.
  • provide meals and lodgings for guest artists
  • provide transportation for guest artists to and from Lubbock
  • pay for something on our "Wish List" (see below)

You or your organization may also earmark a larger contribution for a specific event or purpose. Here are some examples:

  • a post-concert "meet the artist" hospitality reception (around $250)
  • an airline flight for a visiting performer ($400-$1000)
  • the usage fee for a local performance space (anywhere from $100 to $1000)
  • sponsorship of a "special event," such as a fundraising dinner ($1000-$5000, depending on the size of the event) 
  • sponsorship of a full-length concert by local or regional musicians ($1000-$5000)
  • sponsorship of a full-length concert by an internationally-acclaimed early music artist or ensemble ($5000-$10,000)
  • the purchase of a specific instrument for educational or performance purposes ($ will vary)
  • pay for something on our "Wish List" (see below)

CEMA also welcomes and appreciates offers of in-kind-support in the form of goods or services that will assist us in presenting our early music performances and educational presentations. Some examples of in-kind support would be:

  • printing and duplication of concert programs, posters, promotional materials, and educational materials
  • lodging and meals for guest artists
  • catered refreshments for concert receptions, or the use of your home for such an event
  • advertisements in your publications

How do I donate?

There are several ways to donate to CEMA:

  • Donations by check, made out to Caprock Early Music Association, may be mailed to us (PO Box 4008, Lubbock TX 79409).
  • A check made out Caprock Early Music Association, or a cash donation if you prefer, may be given in person to any member of our organizational board, and we will make sure it goes into the appropriate fund. (We encourage checks, as this makes it easier for you to declare the charitable donation at tax time.)
  • At CEMA performances, a donation box will generally be set out at the entrance to the venue, or at the reception afterwards.

If you would like to speak personally to one of us, please e-mail
with a phone number where you can be reached, and we will be delighted to make arrangements to speak in person or on the phone.


Thank You to Our Generous Donors

(we are compiling the list, which will appear in this space - thank you for your patience!)




(under construction - we have many wishes!)