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Caprock Early Music Association: Photos

Educational Activities

Helen DeVitt Jones Harpsichord

CEMA's harpsichord was built by Gerald Self of San Antonio, and was purchased with a generous grant from the Helen DeVitt Jones Foundation. We are delighted and grateful to have the use of this splendid instrument for our performances of Baroque music.
CEMA's harpsichord, built by Gerald Self and played here by Clint Barrick, was purchased by CEMA with a generous grant from the Helen DeVitt Jones Foundation.

CEMA Guest Artists

Norbert Rodenkirchen and Benjamin Bagby of Sequentia
Jostein Gundersen, recorder
Kim Pineda, transverse flute, director of Baroque Northwest
Bernard Gordillo, harpsichord. Bernard is also the scriptwriter for the nationally syndicated early music radio program Harmonia, which is hosted by CEMA president Angela Mariani.
Sonja Rasmussen, chanteuse extraordinaire et raconteur...
Adam Wead with theorbo
Chipper Thompson and Mason Brown
Dan Swenberg, lute, archlute, theorbo
Lucas Harris, lute, archlute, theorbo
Wendy Gillespie, viola da gamba
Susan Patrick, harpsichord
Elisabeth Belgrano, soprano
Laury Gutiérrez, viola da gamba, director of La Donna Musicale
Pablo Champion (lutenist, Music for an English Masque; shown here playing bass)
Altramar medieval music ensemble

Music for an English Masque

Jeannie Barrick, Rebecca Lazok with fabulous hats built by Liz Ronan
Jeannie Barrick, Rebecca Lazok
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